Lisbon has many hotels and airbnb's

Stay In A Hotel Or An Airbnb? Which type of accommodation should you go for on your next trip.

Should you stay in an hotel or AirBnb style accommodation? This is our take on why hotels might be the best option for your next trip.

Other than food and transportation, accommodations are one of the most crucial components of any trip. In this digital age, there are many new accommodation options available for travellers. Hotels and Airbnb’s are two primary options that you can choose from for accommodations on your next trip. An Airbnb may have a number of distinct advantages, but there are many important reasons why you might still want to stay in a hotel. Let’s take a closer look at some of them now.


Whether it’s a well-planned trip or a sudden, impulsive weekend getaway, hotels often have better availability. Many hotels more than 300 rooms and you can often get a room even during peak season.


There are many variables that affect your experience. From cleanliness to restaurant service to room service, hotels are much more consistent. Major hotel chains and even independent smaller hotels often have consistent service quality, whether you are in Copenhagen or Aruba.   


Security measures tend to vary widely among Airbnb providers. There are also more frequent horror stories related to safety issues of Airbnb accommodations. On the other hand, hotels are a relatively enclosed property with security guards, surveillance systems and trained staff. In many hotels, you can’t even use elevators without the room key.  


Amenities tend to vary more among Airbnb’s. When staying in a hotel, you can expect to get Wi-Fi, in-hotel restaurant, housekeeping, fitness centres, swimming pools, clean bathroom and room service.


Things sometimes don’t go as expected. If a TV is not working or you lose your key, it’s more likely that hotel staff are more responsive. Just by calling the concierge, most issues can be solved immediately. 


Many hotel staffs are educated in tourism colleges, but they also have real-life experience in hotels. They know the ins and outs of hotel management and how to treat guests. 

Loyalty Programs

Many hotel chains offer loyalty programs with points that you can redeem for upgrades, free nights and other deals. 


From all you can eat breakfast buffets to fine dining, you can get easier access to food when staying at hotel. If you don’t have time to get meals outside, staying at hotels will make things a lot easier for you. While Airbnb rooms often have kitchen and fridge, you will need to shop for food and cook it.

Social Impact

Airbnb has had a profound impact on the ability of locals to purchase or rent accommodation in their own cities. The effects of this can be seen in cities such as Barcelona or Lisbon, where many locals are being pushed out of prime locations due to cost. Hotels on the other hand, help to maintain a healthy balance between locals and visitors. If you are going to book an AirBnb, our advice is to choose an accommodation where you share the space with the host and not the ‘Whole Homes’ selections, which have large repercussions on the locals.

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Happy travels!